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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I’m Ed Eberlein, owner of Signs by Ed which began humbly back in 1981 doing touch-ups on hand-painted truck lettering at the 49er truck stop in Sacramento, CA. After a couple of years there, learning from customers as well as Stan of Coast to Coast Signs out of Vegas, I relocated to Hayes River City in south Sacramento off Highway 99 and Mack Road. There, I developed my own styles of lettering and pin-striping. Over the years, I developed a reputation nationwide for quality craftsmanship with a brush. To that end, the only states that I never got to letter on a truck door were Hawaii, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Since moving to Iowa in 1996, I began using vinyl in 1997, gradually learning to adapt my skills as a hand painter to vinyl, including custom airbrushing of it. I still do the painted lettering and striping, as well as matching striping at truck body shops, regardless of where they originated. I will touch up hand-painted letters or striping as well. On this site is a variety of jobs I’ve done over the years, from early work to the latest work. Semi-trucks to pickups and roadsters.

Should you not see something, feel free to email me for more information or call 712-269-6150.

Thanks and have a blessed day! Ed.

With over 40 years of experience, Ed specializes in the following graphics techniques.

Truck Lettering

Truck Lettering

The attention to detail and quality shows in each Signs by Ed graphic.  Ed has the experience to apply your vinyl letters to your semi or garbage truck.  With Ed's experience with painted letters, he can custom air brush or hand letter custom accents and clear coat your vinyl.  Ed still does all pin-striping by hand.

Truck Pinstriping


Ed Eberlein (Signs by Ed) has been pinstriping since the early 80s. His artwork has been influenced by many pinstripe artists around the country. Ed’s pinstriping skills and experience show in each brush stroke and pinstripe design. Pinstriping can be applied to just about any type of equipment. You name it! Ed can pinstripe it!

Pick-Up Trucks 

Pickup Truck Lettering and Pinstriping

Your custom hand pin-striped pickup will catch your eyes and show you as an individual.  Each job is different, no two are ever alike. 



Ed’s talent and ability to hand pinstripe comes in handy for customizing your vintage car or roadster. Hi-lighting already painted areas, whether razorbacks or flames, or doing some custom striping, Ed can do it.

Painted Lettering

Vinyl signs and lettering

Ed has been hand lettering trucks since 1981.  He uses many styles and loves colors.  Some airbrushed work, but mostly freehand lettering.  Also, removal of painted doors and re-lettering for the new owner.


Mater, Truck

Antique and commercial tractors all look better with professional custom graphics. Your logo on your tractor lets people know who to call when there is work to be done.  Ed also customizes die-cast trucks, mailboxes, painted rocks, and does restorations.

Before Vinyl

Mural on Semi Trailer

Well before vinyl letters and wraps, Ed hand-lettered and pin-striped at truck stops in Sacramento, developing a national reputation and did custom airbrushing and murals as well.

Show Trucks

Mural on Semi Trailer

In May 2021, Sandra Reisch, pictured with green #6156, of Reisch Trucking, Luverne, MN, called to ask if I would be interested in replicating her late husband James first truck.  Of course.  Sent photos of it and days later, traveled to Luverne and hand-lettered and pin-striped new #56.  Couple weeks later, was taken to Huron, S.D. for the Wheel Jam Truck Show, where it won the best new truck.  In May 2022, went back and did their new green Peterbilt, which subsequently won 3 trophies at the Special Olympics truck convoy.  In October 2022, did the dark purple Peterbilt.  Both the brown and green Pete's were included with a couple of Kenworths and won the best fleet award. 






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